Older, Completed Projects

Aldara Street 5 (2002)
  • The 18th-century warehouse at Aldara Street 5 was in very bad shape altogether – propped up from the sides and with a really pitiful appearance.  Andris Kreislers and some partners bought the structure in 1998, thus hoping to make an investment in history.  In 2002, the old warehouse was renovated.  Its load-bearing structures and walls were strengthened, and the supports could be removed.  Today, like an old lady, the building has regained its self-respect.



Baznīcas Street 39A (2005)

  • This is an apartment building with an underground car park.  The architect Modris Ģelzis designed this building and the entire block on Baznīcas Street 20 years ago, but the construction process was halted.  Work began again in 1997, but then it was stopped once more.  We bought the designs for Baznīcas Street 39A from their previous owners in 2004.  Ģelzis went to work for a third time, and now there’s a building which is famous for its size.  Baznīcas Street 39A has seven flats, an underground car park with a lift ...


Onninen, 2005
  • This is a wholesale operation for which the building was designed and constructed in accordance with the client’s needs.  Nothing other than business here.


Tallinas Street 37A (2004)

This is a restored apartment building.

  • When we bought it, it was a garbage dump.  When we tore down the inner walls, we found that they were in poor shape.  Everything had to be replaced and built anew in this old building.  That’s why we say today that only the external walls of this new 15-flat building remain in place.  Still, we are overjoyed to see Tallinas 37A with a completely new appearance, and four years after we started, we’ve got residents who praise the work that we did.


TNT (2003)

Mail sorting complex

  • This is a mail sorting complex for which the building was designed and built in accordance with the client’s requests. The building was finished five years ago, and its technical architecture is still 100% modern.  This rental building is an example for others as to how to manage and maintain properties.