Our Latest Projects

Artilērijas Street 33 (2006)

We have built two new and modern apartment buildings opposite the Ziedoņdārzs Park.  The internal courtyard of the buildings has a playground and an open car park which is covered with greenery on the roofs of terraces.  Most of the 27 flats at Artilērijas 33 already have residents.  The most luxurious flats in the buildings are still available – two-floor apartments with high-quality and full interior finishing on the upper floors of the buildings, with a lovely view of the park and the roofs of Rīga’s buildings.


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Skolas Street 17

The building at Skolas Street 17 is modern, and it is of permanent architectural value. The building has successfully melded into the historical appearance of the street.  There are three apartment houses in this project, with small studio flats, as well as homes for families.  On the first floor of the façade building will be a lovely gallery for architecture and art, and modern offices will be offered on the lower floors of all three buildings.  Residents at Skolas 17 will have an underground car park, and the internal courtyard will be a place for people to gather together and ...


Skārņu Street 11

We want this building to be an environmental sculpture in the historical city centre of Rīga.  We have set out the highest criteria for this building in terms of its size, the façade, the interior design and the culture of detail.  Publicly available rental space will be available on the first floor, there will be offices on the second floor, and there will be luxury flats on the upper floors.


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